AMPA A TI-901S Chemical Siphon Hand Pump for Drum Can

Features & Applications

Suction type : Manual up and down piston type
Applicable liquids : Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene,
Toluene, Thinner, Nitric acid 35%, Hydrochloric
acid 35%, Sulfuric acid 35%, Acetic acid 35%,
Water, Etc.
Non corrosive, Non toxic plastic material
construction, Light-weight
Depth adjustable with 30mm(1.20″) long
adaptor for standard 50.8mm( 2″) drum bung


Total Length : 1,150mm(45.3″)
Suction tube Length : 850mm(33.5″)
Suction tube Outer Dia. : 25.5mm(1.0″)
Discharge Tube Length : About 1,200mm(47.2″)
Discharge Tube Outer Dia. : 22.5mm(0.89″)
Head Outer Dia. : 83.5mm(3.29″)
Delivery Volume : About 21LPM (5.5GPM)
Main Material : P.E
Net Weight/pc : About 390g(13.8Oz)