AMPA A DEP-1403-20V Electric pump for Drum Can (High Speed)

Features & Applications

Suction type : Submersible motor type
Applicable liquids : Motor oil, Hydraulic oil, Lubricants,
Diesel, DEF(AdBlue), Water, Kerosene, Antifreeze,
Windshield washer fluid, Mild detergents,
Agricultural chemicals, Light oils (Max. 100cst)
Handy nozzle holster built in
Two types of nozzle
– Plastic spout nozzle
– Stainless steel spout nozzle
AC power and Rechargeable Battery both available
Comes with 2″ NPS bung adapter and
a 2″ buttress adapter
Filter-equipped intake end protects the motor
from damage due to alien matters


Delivery Volume :
– Motor oil : About 16LPM (20°C, 5W30) /
4.2GPM (68°F, 5W30)
Water : About 27LPM (7.1GPM)
Main Material : PP, P.E, POM, NBR
Power : DC 20V
Total Length : 1,110mm(43.7″)
Two types of Suction tube Length
Standard Type : 850(33.5″) ~ 865mm(34″)
Telescopic Type : 850(33.5″) ~ 1245mm(49″)
Suction end Outer Dia. : 55mm(2.0″)
Discharge Tube Length : About 2M(79″)
Nozzle spout Outer Dia. : 24.7mm(0.97″)
Head Outer Dia. : 110mm(4.33″)