AMPA A DP-55 Submersible DC 12V Pump

Features & Applications

Suction type : Submersible motor type
Applicable liquids : Kerosene, Diesel, Light oil,
Various chemicals, Fresh and dirty water (not
safe for drinking)
Ideally suitable for on-site diesel refueling of
contractors and agricultural plant
Not to be used with petrol or volatile liquids
Efficient and Easy to clean filter
Pump can be run continuously for periods of
up to 1 hour, but do not run dry
Supplied with 4 meters(157.5″) of cable /
battery clips and 3 meters(118.1″) flexible hose


Delivery volume : About 15LPM(4.0GPM).¬†at 1 Meter(39.4″) High
Max. head : About 6M(20ft)
Pump Body Length : 123mm(4.84″)
Pump Body Dia. : 53.5mm(2.11″)
Suction tube Length : 3,000mm(118.1″)
Stainless pipe Outer Dia. : 15.8mm(0.62″)
Net Weight/pc : About 575g(20.3Oz)